Health and well being

Health Promotion

The Scottish Government policy is to ‘improve the life chances of children by tackling social, health & education inequalities through prevention and early intervention.’ We aim to assist in this process by promoting and supporting the health of all children through positive role model and consistent healthy living messages.

Both Pre-Birth to Three and Curriculum for Excellence Frameworks present an holistic  approach to health and well-being, where staff, parents and agencies work together to achieve the best start for children.

The government recognises the concept of the health promoting nurseries as important in ensuring not only that health education is integral to the curriculum but also that the service ethos, policies and experiences and outcomes for children foster mental, physical and social wellbeing and healthy development.  (Being Well – Doing Well)

We value the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, which is why we have a health promoting policy, part of which includes promoting healthy eating.

Menus are created in accordance with the nutritional guidance set out by the Scottish executive, however parents and children do also have the opportunity to give their feedback and ideas. The Nutritional Guidance for children aged 1-5 is a guide for early years establishments on what type of meals children should be having at different ages and how the meals should be balanced over the week.

We try and follow the governments ‘five a day’ initiative and children will be given fruit and vegetables throughout the day with every snack and nursery meal provision. Meals included are breakfast, lunch and both morning and afternoon snacks.

Being active is a big part of healthy living. We recognise children’s needs for exercise and understand the benefits it has on a child’s overall development.

Our children get opportunities for outdoor physical play everyday, all day should the children choose.

Regular physical play encourages children to live healthier lifestyles, builds on abilities, greater understanding of games and rules, builds confidence, self awareness, determination and helps children learn about their environment.

Tooth brushing

Research evidence and dental experts agree that establishing a toothbrushing routine at an early age can prevent tooth decay in childhood and later life. The Childsmile tooth programme is a Scotland wide initiative to help improve the health of our children’s teeth.

Children in the nurseries take part in the Childsmile Programme established by the NHS oral health action team.

Our Staff undertake daily supervised tooth brushing for all children, regardless of their placement status. ie.part time or full time.  Children brush their teeth using their nursery toothbrushes for two minutes. The brushes are kept in brush stands for infection control purposes with the child’s name on it and a picture to help them recognise it.

Children participate in regular activities about oral hygiene and are all very aware of what they do and why.  An allocated Childsmile nurse visit’s the nursery regularly to monitor the programme and ensure staff are following procedures which they are annually trained on as well.

We also support the Oral Health Team to raise parents awareness of the importance of good oral health and positive health promoting behaviours. In partnership with the health team, every child periodically receives a ‘zippy bag’ containing a toothbrush and tooth paste.