Our philosophy

Glenbervie Kindergarden provides a stimulating atmosphere to encourage your child’s development.

We are passionate about high quality Early Years Care and Education. We believe that children learn through play, living, example, interaction and teaching. This concept helps to form the core of our ethos.

We recognise the importance of each child’s healthy self development, through praise, guidance and encouragement. We aim to achieve this through our daily practices. Children will be encouraged to develop respect, learn to share, learn to be kind, fair and to develop good manners.

We do not believe in suppressing any childs desires to learn and experiment. These are of great importance for their development and enjoyment of life.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and oppose all forms of discrimination. Our toys and equipment reflect the social diversity of our society and all children have access to these, ensuring non-stereotypical/non-discriminatory practice with respect for all individuals.

Above all we provide a secure and friendly care environment in which you, the parent, will feel completely relaxed and at ease when leaving your child.

Opportunities for talking to parents about their child’s time at the GX Club happen formally at parents evenings as well as informally on a day to day basis, and spontaneous exchanges can generate useful information.

We promote a trusting and warm relationship between the nursery team and parents which begins with the initial contact meeting, and it is crucial that, from the start, parents understand that staff value their knowledge and understanding of their child.