GX Club

Experience the Quality of Fun at our out of school GX club


GX CLUB CARRON GRANGE : 01324 555551

GX CLUB LARBERT VILLAGE PRIMARY : 07767110929 (this No only in use during operation, contact Carron Grange at all other times)   The provision of services within GX Club


The GX Club is an out of school club but the way the children see it “its an away from school Club!”

A breakfast, after school & holiday play scheme.

  • A fantastic outside play arena for all age groups.
  • An all weather outdoor astro turf park for sporting activities.
  • Our own Minibus’s & taxi service to drop off & pick up from school.
  • A computer suite with all the latest IT equipment & game boxes.
  • Pool, snooker, air hockey, table tennis etc.
  • Comprehensive activities delivered by enthusiastic & motivated staff.
  • Wide range of physical play opportunities.
  • Proposed extra curricular activities may include music, homework, cooking etc
  • Depending on demand various external sources i.e. bike safety, physical education specialists & much more.


Please find below the Plans for the GX Club Summer holidays 2015


Date Trip/Activity What’s On Cost £
Mon 29th June  Children’sChoice What fun activity can we do today?PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Tue 30th  Falkirk TreasureTrial See what treasure we can findPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £2.00
Wed 1st July Play Pots Make and paint a ceramic figurePACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £6.00
Thur 2nd  ZetlandPark Lets have fun at the parkPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Fri 3rd  WoodlandWalk ( Larbert ) Lets see what bugs we can find.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Mon 6th  The MilkBarn Lets find out how to make ice-cream and milk the cow.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £5.00
Tue 7th  Calander House &Park Lets take a journey through time.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Wed 8th  BBQ & TentBuilding Making tents and having a hotdog and marshmallows yumyum.LUNCH PROVIDED  £2.00
Thur 9th  Prep forGX in the Park Make wrist bands and flower garlandsPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Fri 10th  GX in thePark Dance the day away to your favorite tunes.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Mon 13th  Burnt Island& Beach Time to play on the beach n build castles.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £2.00
Tue 14th  Stirling Smith Art& Musseum Time to look at some famous art work.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £2.00
Wed 15th  MovieDay Bring your own movie & have popcorn.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Thur 16th  Falkirk Wheel &Boat Trip Boat ride along the canal and up the wheel.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £8.00
Fri 17th  GX Cooking Day Making the staff there lunchLUNCH PROVIDED  Free





Mon 20th  Bo’nessTreasure Trail Time to find treasure in Bo’nessPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £2.00
Tue 21st  Football withJosh Time to learn football and all the tricks of the game.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £1.00
Wed 22nd  MuiravonsideCountry Park Visit the animals & play in the park.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Fri 24th  Helix and BoatTrip Lets sail past the famous horse headsPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £4.00
Mon 27th  DollarPark Lets have fun at the parkPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Tue 28th  Bo’ness & KinnelRailway Time to find out about old trains and a trip in the steam train.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £7.00
Wed 29th  Football withJosh Time to brush up on our football skillsPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £1.00
Thur 30th  Prep forBeach Party Making the bunting, Make floral head dresses and Lei necklaces and knotted handkerchiefsPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Fri 31st  BeachParty Dust down your summer clothesPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Mon 4th Aug Five SistersZoo Time to go feed the animals.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £7.00
Tue 5th  Football withJosh Time to play a game of football.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £1.00
Wed 6th  LinlithgowTreasure Trail Lets find the treasure in LinlithgowPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £2.00
Thur 7th  Superhero’sParty Come dressed as your favorite character.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Fri 8th  Bee-CraigsCountry Park Walk the wooden trail and have fun at the park.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Mon 10th  Prep for BakeSale Go shopping for all the ingredients.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Tue 11th  Blairlands Farm &Strawberry Picking Time to play at the farm and pick our own strawberries.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  £7.00
Wed 12th  Football withJosh Train with a pro-footballerPACKED LUNCH NEEDED  
Thur 13th  Bake Sale Time to bake and sell our cakes.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED Bring what you like to buy cakes
Fri 14th  Garden Party &Mocktails Time to be adults and shake up some nice drinks.PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free
Mon 17th  Ten Pin BowlingStirling Lets see who can get a strikeLUNCH PROVIDED  £9.00
Tue 18th  Children’sChoice What fun activity can we do today?PACKED LUNCH NEEDED  Free